Storm Response Tree Removal in Largo

At Trimworks, we offer 24-hour storm response and tree removal in Largo, Pinellas County and surrounding areas. In the case of an emergency, our team responds quickly to remove hazardous trees at your home or business. Rather than waiting or attempting to handle tree or limb removal yourself, contact us to help you clean up after a storm. 

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Identifying Dangers after a Storm

Tree health is often overlooked in preparations for storm season in Florida. Storms can uproot trees, knock limbs down, and add stress to trees already working hard to recover from disease or injury. While the number of downed trees we encountered on the way to work may be a good conversation starter, it’s a lot less fun when the toppled tree belongs to you. Dead, downed, and damaged trees are hazardous to your family and neighbors, so it’s important to deal with these trees promptly and effectively.

Our tree service in Seminole, FL is committed to helping you prevent further damage to your property with ISA Certified Arborists on staff to assess and remove trees after a storm. 

While it may seem like the worst part of the storm has passed, it is important to hire tree removal professionals to protect further damage to your home or business.

Here’s what to do if a storm damages a tree on your property:

1) Protect Your Family and Property

After a storm, it may seem like the worst is over, but there are still many dangers to be aware of. Downed power lines, loss of power, damage to your home or other structures, flooding, erosion, and sinkholes are among the dangers you may have to face.   

Even trees still standing have a potential risk of becoming hazardous in the future. Our City of St Petersburg arborist professionals are licensed and insured to address your tree removal needs. Let us take the worry of downed and damaged trees off your plate, while keeping your family and property safe. 

2) Call a licensed Clearwater arborist.

It seems simple enough to grab a chainsaw to cut up and haul downed limbs yourself, but this is very dangerous. Tree pruning and tree removal can be a very dangerous task, and the danger only increases after a storm. 

If you misjudge the weight and hurt yourself, you’ll be paying much more in injuries and damage than what you could have paid to hire a licensed arborist. Some areas of Florida are highly regulated and require special permits for removing or even pruning trees, and only professionals would be experienced and trained to work within these regulations and obtaining needed permits when necessary. If you are located in Pinellas County or surrounding locations, our Clearwater arborist professionals can assist you in determining what your next steps should be. 

A licensed arborist will be able to determine whether a tree can be preserved, or if it should be removed to prevent further damage or unforeseen danger. Our professionals will create a custom tree care plan following the storm to help regrow, remove stumps or excavate roots, and get your property back to its beautiful pre-storm state while staying within local regulations. 

3) Ask about insurance.

Hiring an untrained and inexperienced company to remove your damaged trees in the aftermath of a storm can be a big mistake. They may not have the proper insurance, experience, or equipment needed to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and most important, safely. If they hurt themselves, you could be on the hook for medical bills, even civil suits against you and your homeowners insurance. We pride ourselves on having some of the best and most experienced arborists on staff, [link to contact page] and are happy to work with your insurance company to make sure you get the best reimbursement you can. 

4) Determine which trees to save.

Whether some damage has already been done and you wonder if a tree can be saved, or one was clearly damaged and you wonder about the health of the others, we can help. This is definitely not one you want to eyeball. Some small, battered-looking trees might be just fine where some big, strong-looking trees could be one storm away from taking out your neighbor’s fence. Whomever you choose to do the work, it is important to hire experienced and knowledgeable staff who know what to look for, and consider the safety of your family and their own workers to be the highest priority. If you choose Trimworks Tree Service, this is how you can expect the process to go.

  1. Our licensed arborists will start by observing all the trees on your property to check for signs of damage.

  2. Our team will discuss which trees we feel can be preserved and nursed back to health, and which need to be removed in order to prevent future damage to your property or danger to your family.

  3. Once our observation is complete and we’ve decided on the best course of action, we will present you with our proposed plan.

  4. We will work with you to create a timeline that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Contact Trimworks Tree Service in Largo

Restoring safety and beauty to your home and property after a storm can be stressful, but here at Trimworks, we aim to ease that stress by taking care of all your tree removal needs, without blowing your budget. 

Trimworks in Largo is a full-service company with a 24-hour response team ready day or night for your tree emergencies. You don’t have to wait until the morning or for normal business hours. Let our experts here at Trimworks take the worry out of removing downed and damaged trees from your property. We will do it all. Don’t hesitate in an emergency, call us at 727-289-1633.